Selecting A Contractor

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Selecting A Contractor

“Reputation – Stability – Workmanship”

Bank Financial Stability

Is your contractor financially stable? Can he produce credit references?

General Liability Insurance Certificate – Not “Self-Insured”

You need to know if your contractor carries general general liability insurance for both commercial and residential projects. A sizable contractor will carry no less than $500,000…and usually around $1,000,000 of coverage. If your contractor’s insurance policy cannot cover potential damages, then the contractor would be personally liable. If he cannot cover the damages himself, you will again have no legal recourse and will end up paying for the repairs or even a new roof yourself. Over three-fourths of roofing companies do not carry proper insurance coverage to protect you against losses.


Don’t be fooled, some might promise you a lien waiver letter, buy you must ask for a waiver of lien before you give your final payment.

Current References

All reputable roofers carry pre-printed lists of references…that includes customers from 1 to 5 years ago. Also, ask for suppliers, business references, etc.

Giving Money Up Front:

It is normal for a reputable contractor to request a payment (espically if it is a special order) up front as long as the amount is no more than half of the contract value. A contractor that is doing high volume will often times request a downpayment to make sure they have a portion of their financial exposure covered.  You can request to make your first payment when material is dropped at your home.  Never pay cash and never make your payment to an individual sale rep.  Only make your payments in the name of the company.

Trade Association Certificates of Standing

Belonging to trade associations implies some quality and ethical integrity on the part of the contractor. Associations like the Better Business Bureau are there to assist you in make a good decision.

Use Only Experienced Installers On Your Roof

You want an experienced roofing crew that knows the manufactures specifications and completes the job in a timely manner.

Compliance to Manufacturer Installation
Guidelines Quality Inspection and Warranties

Insist on a final inspection and the manufacturer and workmanship warranties in writing after the job is completed.